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Entrepreneurs, artists and creators of all types are goal oriented by nature. As women who are motivated to create in this world, we often begin the creative process with a vision in mind. We strike a balance between dreaming and doing to bring our business, art or passion projects to fruition. It is the action of setting goals and passionately pursuing them that makes us unstoppable. 

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Empathy is an important attribute of the entrepreneurial and creative mindset. Empathy is a skill that allows us to understand the perspectives, emotions, circumstances, needs and thoughts of others. Young changemakers creating innovative solutions that address a specific problems that someone feels in the world must be empathetic to the true needs of others in order to truly solve their pain-points. Our ability to put ourselves in others shoes and imagine what their feeling, thinking or experiencing draws us in and allows us to connect in human-centered ways. Moreover the state of our world, with all the destruction and division, has great need for a generation of empathetic leaders. As girls who create and want to make change in the world, be brave, open your heart, engage in dialogue with people who are different than you, listen to new perspectives, refrain from judgements and practice empathy every chance you have. It will make a difference in this world.

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Confidence is another key attribute of the entrepreneurial and creative mindset. We believe having confidence requires daily practice and action. More specifically, the action of bringing our ideas to life, whether that is a business with a social mission, an artistic expression or a passion project, helps us recognize our own inherent power and self-worth. Seeing the value we bring to the world through the act of creating something we care about shifts the paradigm of how we view ourselves and in turn how society views us as well. However, one time experiences are not enough to forever fill us with confidence. Being a confident person requires the daily practice of creating, taking risks, going beyond our comfort zones, embracing failure, using our voice, and finding our strengths so that we learn who we are and become familiar with the type of circumstances in which we thrive. This month we encourage you to practice confidence each day and read the articles below by our inspiring group of contributors.

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Passion is more than a key attribute of the entrepreneurial and creative mindset; it is our life source. It is the fire in our belly driving us closer to our mission in life. It is the compass that directs us toward the unique impact we can make in the world. It is that jolt of euphoric energy that tingles down the backs of our arms when we lose ourselves in moments of flow. It is what moves us to persevere in pursuit of our goals despite fear, pain or sleepless nights. It pushes marathon runners past the finish line; it keeps artists sculpting, drawing, or performing; it drives entrepreneurs to work harder than ever before to bring visions into reality. Passion makes us come alive and operate with incredible focus and force in the direction of our goals. So, as young women with the opportunity to create change in the world, it is imperative that we reflect on our passions and commit to them. From there we can enact projects of purpose and spark the same inner fire in others around us.

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Collaboration is another key attribute of the entrepreneurial and creative mindset. Gone are the days of admiring a “lone genius” for the creation of new ideas, inventions, artwork or global solutions. We know now that multiple people are inherently involved in the creative process from sharing knowledge that prompts ideation to the implementation of a project. Research shows that teams faced with creative tasks repeatedly outperform individuals when the group is diverse and fostering an environment for creative confidence. See how you can find strength in numbers in the blog posts below.

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Beyond Your Comfort Zone

It is through this attribute of the entrepreneurial mindset that we learn how to take risks, tolerate ambiguity and embrace failures as part of the creative process. This often creates a shift in the way we live our life where we feel more confident navigating unknown territory, painting off the edges of the canvas and boldly creating what we want to see in the world. Move beyond your comfort zone with us this month by exploring the following post from young changemakers, female entrepreneurs and talented creative girls.

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Creativity and Innovation

Two of the most fundamental elements of the entrepreneurial mindset are creativity and innovation. In order to address world problems and produce creative solutions, we have to look at the world differently and imagine how it could be. In order to combine seemingly unrelated products or services to create something new, we have to open our minds and approach things with a fresh perspective. In order to generate ideas and innovations, we have to reframe problems as opportunities. Entrepreneurs rely heavily on their creative abilities in order to create something new. Explore how you can be more innovative and creative in the following post from young changemakers, female entrepreneurs and girls who create.

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